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DoraniX Tag And Label Printing

DoraniX offers Solutions for pre-formed chipboard Tags\Cards and Flexible Labels. Each can print Text, BarCodes and Graphics @ a resolution of 300 Dots per Inch TP64-06/05/08(TaG) Prints on up to 6-inch wide by 8-inch long 20-point Chipboard @ speeds up to 40 pieces...

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Product Identification 101

What Is Product Identification? Generally, product identification labels are used for product traceability, which involves incorporating a barcode or identification number on a product. These labels help track and record the products in inventory, which is useful...

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UDI Label Requirements & FDA Regulations

Overview of UDIs A Unique Device Identification (UDI) system provides universal identification of medical devices at every stage from production to use in patient care. UDI utilizes both plain to read text and machine identifiable markers conveyed within Automatic...

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Customizable Direct-to-Product Printing Solutions

In the industrial and commercial sectors, many companies rely on conventional printing and labeling processes—such as inkjet printing, thermal transfer printing, and hand labeling—to add important information to their packaged products. While these methods on their...

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Flexographic Printing vs. On-Demand Printing

Industrial printing involves the application of ink or other materials onto mass-produced products for decorative or functional purposes. The process may be used to create patterns on the surface of a material, apply branding or logos, and provide instructions on the...

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Thermal Transfer Printing vs. Inkjet Printing

Thermal transfer printing and inkjet printing are two of the most common and reliable industrial printing processes. There are distinct differences between the two, so it’s important to know the advantages of each type and for which projects they are most suitable....

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Tyvek Colored Rolls and Plotter Paper

As so many innovative products are, Tyvek was created by accident when a DuPont employee observed an unintended byproduct of a manufacturing process. That was 1955. It took 12 years to figure out how to initially commercialize the resulting product which we now know...

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Need your product to ship out before year end but don't have any pre-printed pouches or lids? Our Thermaprint 64 printers eliminate lead-times by printing direct to package. Send us your packages and an image for a formal evaluation.