An Introduction to UDI Printers for Medical Devices

Unique device identifiers (UDIs) refer to unique numeric or alphanumeric sequences used to differentiate medical devices from one another. They allow for easy identification of a particular medical device throughout manufacturing operations, within distribution channels, and during patient use. That’s why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires medical devices manufactured and/or distributed in the United States to have their UDIs printed on their labels and packages and, in some cases, directly on their main bodies. 

Given the importance of UDIs in the medical device industry, it is vital for a medical device manufacturer to invest in a quality UDI labeling print system. The following blog post provides an overview of how UDI printers are used for medical devices and where to get quality UDI printers. 

An Introduction to UDI Printers for Medical Devices
An Introduction to UDI Printers for Medical Devices

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The Important Uses of UDI Printers for Medical Devices

The UDI system benefits the medical device industry in many ways, including:

  • Allowing for faster identification of flawed devices
  • Facilitating product recalls
  • Improving equipment inventory tracking
  • Reducing incidences of medical errors

For these reasons, a quality UDI printer is an essential piece of equipment for any medical device labeler. UDI printers can be used to print UDI codes directly on medical devices or on the device’s packaging. As per FDA requirements, they need to print the codes in both human-readable and machine-readable formats; the former is commonly printed as plain text, while the latter is generally printed as a barcode. Additionally, they should be able to handle the number of UDIs, the materials on which the UDIs will be printed, and the volume of labels produced. 

Innovative UDI Printers for Medical Devices From DoraniX

Looking for a UDI printer you can count on in your medical device labeling operations? Turn to the experts at DoraniX! We specialize in the supply of industrial printers and label printer-applicators. Our products find use in various industries, including the medical device industry.  

Our direct-to-packaging printing system—Thermaprint 64—is suitable for a wide range of industrial operations, including UDI-related data printing and barcoding. It can clearly print on a variety of materials used in the medical industry, such as Tyvek bags and pouches, Tyvek surgical lids, and foil/poly pouches. Additionally, it can be configured to accommodate various labeling requirements to ensure seamless integration into customer operations. 

Key features include: 

  • High print resolution (305 DPI)
  • Low ribbon consumption (reduced ribbon consumption up to 90%)
  • Excellent processing power and memory capacity (64-bit processor and 16 MB memory)
  • Broad interface flexibility and networking capabilities (USB and Ethernet connections)

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