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Coffee Bag Labeling

The LPA-5000 integrated labeling system can be modified for coffee bag label printing. Specifically, the LPA-5000 can accommodate coffee valves up to 1/4″. Additionally, the LPA-5000 can be modified to accept coffee bags with tin ties.

Find more information on the LPA-5000 here.

Coffee Bag and Food Product Label Printing

Printing coffee bags and food product labels can be a complicated task, especially for large-scale orders.

The first difficulty faced when printing coffee or food labels is the sheer scale of such orders. Typically, many thousands of labels or pieces of packaging must be printed for each order. Not only does this mean that the cost of printing consumables can quickly escalate, but it also requires that the printer used must be extremely fast in order to make printing such orders feasible.

Whilst several different label printing methods are available for such tasks, in recent years thermal techniques have been the favored approach. The speed of modern industrial printers means that when printing thousands of coffee or food labels, the design printed on each must dry extremely quickly. Consequently, ink-based approaches to printing these items have fallen out of use.

Food Label Printers and Pouch Label Applicator

Another difficulty with printing coffee bags and food labels is that typically each package or label printed must contain some unique content. Even with orders that contain thousands of the same label or package, each item must be given a unique barcode. Modern coffee bag and food label printers are therefore quite sophisticated machines, able to be programmed to print a large amount of unique data on each bag or label.  Sometimes individual weights must be recorded and printed – to that end, the printer can be connected to a load cell or scale.  The load cells comprising the scale can transmit weight information in real-time to be printed on-demand.

For many food product or coffee bag labels, clients value print quality. Especially for higher-end items, clients expect that their printer will be able to reproduce their carefully designed corporate logo onto each bag or label. This necessitates not only high print resolution, so that even the smallest text and details are visible, but also a variety of fonts and effects. The reproduction of images on such packaging has long been a difficult task, but modern label printers are now able to deal with this.

Utilizing Feed Trays

Because of the huge orders typically required when printing food and coffee bag labels, the printers used for doing so are typically all-in-one, powered items. They normally incorporate large powered feed trays, for instance, allowing the printer to merely “feed” the machine with fresh labels every so often. At the other end, after the labels have been printed, most printers also include powered sorting units, which will automatically stack packaging or labels into neat piles. These labor-saving units greatly improve efficiency on bulk orders.

One more consideration in printing coffee bags and food labels is that because such orders are generally huge, the printer needed to process them needs to be extremely fast in order to deal with them effectively. Most modern industrial printers achieve speeds of at least 4 inches per second, though faster items are available, because printing at a lower speed than this quickly limits the type and number of orders that can be taken on.

Last but not least, printing coffee bags and food labels requires a pouch label applicator. Industrial printing workshops are not known for their calm, and having a reliable bag label applicator is a must. This is especially important when printing large orders of small labels, because if the printer breaks down mid-way through a job, it may be several minutes before this is noticed, and the consequent loss of time can quickly translate into missed deadlines and lost orders.

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