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Industrial-Grade Printers

DoraniX industrial printing systems keep pace with the demand of a high volume production line, making hundreds of products in minutes without sacrificing quality. Much like your everyday office printer, a DoraniX unit can produce any text, barcodes, other UDI or identification, and even images. These industrial printing systems take up only the space of your average household printer and are highly customizable, making it ideal for small businesses or work cells as well as large industrial factories and similar production.

DoraniX industrial printing solutions make it easy to keep up with changing demands and requirements for labeling, tracking, and FDA information. DoraniX works with printing softwares that can pull serial numbers, expiration dates, sell by dates, lot numbers, and any other changing information from a database, allowing operators to print with the click of a button and not need to constantly change data. Naturally, this can apply to varying production lines as well, allowing owners and operators to print a variety of images on products of different sizes, though there are some limitations. These industrial printing systems can even be customized to check the print quality themselves, removing the need for a person to look through every single print for flaws and reducing time investment. DoraniX industrial printers make any production line fast, efficient, and high quality.

DoraniX Custom Thermal Transfer Printing

DoraniX thermal transfer printing is a cost-effective method which uses ink stored on a polymer-backed ribbon rather than in a toner cartridge or in a liquid form. This makes it easy to store and impossible to spill. This ink is then transferred to the substrate by heating up individual tiny thermal “dots” on the printhead. This creates detailed images and text that can stick on most anything including fibrous materials like Tyvek, the smooth surface of foils, or stiff and unwavering materials like chipboard. Once cured, the ink is practically impossible to remove, as the heat also helps to fuse the material and ink. This bond is strong enough to survive rubbing, scratching, and sterilization.   

DoraniX printers provide manufacturers with durable, long-lasting prints on a variety of packaging. They are commonly used in the medical packaging industry, food packaging industry, apparel manufacturing industry, and consumer product industries that rely on blister cards or similar packaging.These industrial printing systems are also ideal for products such as wristbands, plastic cards with variable data, or even RFID cards or labels.

DoraniX Thermal Printing Systems Benefit Industries

DoraniX thermal printing offers solutions for industries requiring:

  • High-definition printing for optimal reading and scanning
  • Long-life image stability
  • Equipment that is easy to learn and use
  • Minimal waste
  • Minimal long-term maintenance costs
  • Near-limitless printing capabilities

Examples of DoraniX Industrial Printing Products

  • Event Wristbands
  • Barcode Labels
  • Apparel Tags
  • Blister Cards
  • Cannabis Packaging
  • Coffee and Tea Packaging

Why Industries Value DoraniX Industrial Printing & Customization

DoraniX specializes in the exciting field of direct to product printing. Our expertise extends to various mediums such as cut sheets, pouches, cards, and bags. The innovative ThermaPrint 64 has been around for 10 years, providing the best single thermal transfer printing in the industry. But that’s not all! DoraniX also offers scanning and quality assurance systems, assembly line integration, high-capacity containment, and more. 

DoraniX Industrial Printing Systems Offer Efficient, Cost Effective Industrial Printing Solutions for Industries Internationally 

  • Medical Industries: Instrument and other sterile packaging
  • Apparel Industries: Apparel tags 
  • Seed Producing Industries
  • Consumer Goods On-The-Shelf Marketing Industry: Product Display Tags, Blister Cards, Bags, and More

DoraniX printers are a perfect fit for clean rooms, as they have a self-contained waste system and produce no particles. What’s more, these printers operate without any oil, hydraulics, or lubricants, making them easy to clean using isopropyl alcohol and/or pressurized air. With meticulous craftsmanship, these units require minimal maintenance and provide top-notch performance.

DoraniX proudly presents the groundbreaking ThermaPrint 64 Series of Direct-to-Package Printing Systems, featuring an industrial design that matches the original ThermaPrint’s heavy-duty capabilities. With enhanced connectivity options (USB & Ethernet), these label application systems offer unparalleled interface flexibility and seamless networking.

We meticulously focus on packaging prior to product placement, and our revolutionary prototypes not only print the packaging but also flawlessly facilitate product insertion before expertly sealing it.

DoraniX industrial printing machines provide exceptional solutions for Medical Tyvek, cannabis, wristbands, apparel tags, and blister cards, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

DoraniX Industrial Solutions Afford Industries Adaptability

DoraniX Industrial Printers Are Adaptable for Multi-Line Data Imprintation

  • Manufacture Date
  • Use-By Date / Expiration Date
  • Batch Number

DoraniX Industrial Printing Systems’ Innovative Design Enables Seamless Adaptability for Products of All Shapes and Sizes

Smaller parts such as industrial products containing barcodes and/or data matrix codes enabling product traceability require labels that cannot fall off as easily as those generated by a typical label printer. Quick “peel-off” is not an option for industrial product manufacturers. DoraniX industrial printers offer the perfect solution to the “peel off” dilemma with our direct-to-package product, which can’t peel off since it’s not a sticker.

How to Choose the DoraniX Industrial Printing Machine that is Right for You

While there is a myriad of industrial printer manufacturers from which to choose, DoraniX industrial printing solutions were designed with package labeling and printing in mind, offering high-quality options best suited to your industry specifications. Our products come with custom modifications and personalized care to match the needs of any production line.

DoraniX innovative technology offers industrial printing systems ensuring production line flexibility and are built to withstand demanding production environments. DoraniX industrial printers are geared toward high-speed productivity and long-term reliability, offering accessories that improve performance and streamline the industrial marking process of the production line.

Need your product to ship out before year end but don't have any pre-printed pouches or lids? Our Thermaprint 64 printers eliminate lead-times by printing direct to package. Send us your packages and an image for a formal evaluation.