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Our Products

Doranix offers a wide variety of industrial label printing solutions from standard printers to automatic label applicators and custom built printers.

DoraniX is a pioneer manufacturer of high-performance industrial thermal transfer label printer systems. These superior equipments are designed for optimal product identification and bar-coding applications primarily used for packaging purposes found in numerous industries where labeling is essential and required.

With countless years of experience in the packaging and labeling industry, DoraniX has a strong reputation for providing reliable, innovative, cost-effective label printing solutions. We have developed and produced cutting-edge thermal transfer printer machines to deliver sophistication and success in our client’s unique projects.

Our Complete Range of Thermal Transfer Label Printer Equipment

If you’re looking to enhance your label printing services with top-quality label printer and applicator machinery, our comprehensive solutions have numerous attributes and capabilities that can produce outcomes that will exceed your expectations.

That said, our line of thermal transfer label printers include:

The ThermaPrint 64 Series

We currently offer two types of thermal transfer printer systems from the ThermaPrint 64 series – Standard and Wide.

ThermaPrint 64 Standard

The ThermaPrint 64 Standard is a Direct-to-Package Printing System with versatile and highly adaptable thermal transfer coding capabilities. This type of singles printer can readily accommodate small to medium-scale printing applications, printing directly on products up to 6″ width or less. It’s an ideal label printer for small to large-sized businesses that require a cost-effective solution to print high-quality labels with barcodes, text, or graphics.

Versatile singles thermal transfer printer.


Prints directly on product (6″ width or less)
Variable data printing and serialization
300 dpi thermal transfer
2-16 ips capable, 4-8 ips standard
Compatible with sterilization
Prints on: tyvek lids and pouches,
PET/poly, paper, chipboard,
card stock, tags, etc.

ThermaPrint 64 Wide

Meanwhile, the ThermaPrint 64 Wide variation is designed for larger-width and more expansive printing operations. It offers the same characteristics as the ThermaPrint 64 Standard model, but it’s made to print on much wider products of up to 10.5″ width or less.

More comprehensive features found on the ThermaPrint 64 Series include:


  • Powered Stacker offers accurate stacking for large-volume production runs
  • It may be configured into a Roll-to-Sheet (Lid) Printing System
  • Enhanced memory for custom printing capabilities
  • Compatible with most types of software
  • Higher Print and Slew speeds for increased throughput
  • Prints on Tyvek, paper, PET/poly, card stocks, chipboard, etc.
  • Variable data printing and serialization for unique tracking and traceability
  • 300 DPI thermal transfer
  • 2-16 IPS capable and 4-8 IPS standard
  • Powered by four to six motors, depending on the configuration
  • Compatible with products that undergo sterilization
  • Guarantees optimal printing quality with 17 standard fonts
  • Reduced ribbon consumption by up to 90%
  • Includes Near-Edge 305 DPI, High-Speed Printhead, and rugged Print Mechanism.

The ThermaPrint 64 Series is meant to replace the discontinued Avery Dennison TDI and Novexx Exxtreme. It has a heavy-duty industrial design with better connectivity for more networking options, such as USB and Ethernet. Moreover, it now has better interface flexibility. It’s worth noting that both ThermaPrint 64 Standard and Wide systems must be custom-configured based on package type and size.

Choose DoraniX for High-Quality Thermal Transfer Printer

DoraniX is a reputable manufacturer of advanced thermal transfer label printer systems and solutions for numerous industries focused on packaging and distribution. We produce solutions that will drive success to our client’s projects, ensuring quality labeling and coding to ensure you adhere to the highest industry standards.

Our label applicator systems offer substantial customization options and high-quality, cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and how we can help improve your labeling processes. Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation, DoraniX has the perfect solution for all your label printing and marking needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our products from the LPA Systems or the ThermaPrint 64 Series. Request a quote, and our team can find a cost-effective solution based on your project specifications and requirements!

Need your product to ship out before year end but don't have any pre-printed pouches or lids? Our Thermaprint 64 printers eliminate lead-times by printing direct to package. Send us your packages and an image for a formal evaluation.