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ThermaPrint 64 Wide: Thermal Transfer Label Printers

Direct-to-Package Printing System

Pre-Formed Pouches, Lids, Tags, Cards, Cartons, Sleeves Roll-to-Sheet (Lid)

DoraniX is a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade thermal label printer solutions that will streamline your product identification, coding, and marking applications. One of our main products is the ThermaPrint 64 Wide thermal transfer printer, the larger variation of the Standard Model from the ThermaPrint 64 series. Incorporating this thermal printer will streamline your packaging process, regardless of industry and operation.

ThermaPrint 64 Wide from DoraniX

The ThermaPrint 64 series is a superior-quality thermal transfer printer designed and developed to deliver optimal and convenient label and image printing applications. It’s designed to print directly on the product, so adhesive labels are unnecessary, which removes the risk of the adhesive affecting the sterilization of products or the adhesive from breaking loose.

In addition, this thermal transfer printer is equipped with ink on a ribbon which prevents spills. The printhead heats the ink, facilitating the separation from the ribbon’s polymer while it fuses to the substrate. This advanced technology provides convenient printing on fibrous materials, such as Tvyek.

Furthermore, the ink is nearly impossible to remove once cured, so it offers a durable print that will not fade or smudge. Thus, making it a perfect option for product identification and branding purposes.

Industries that rely on our thermal transfer printer system:

  • Medical: Medical supplies and instrumentations where sterilization procedures are necessary.
  • Food packaging: Proper labeling for food products to guarantee safety and avoid health risks.
  • Apparel: Barcoding and informational labels for clothing and textile products.

Long-lasting and resilient prints are critical in the industries above, especially when the products are exposed to harsh environments. Fortunately, our thermal transfer printer solutions can create a tight bond as the ink fuses with the substrate, forcing it into a cohesive unit with the material.

It’s worth noting that the ThermaPrint 64 Wide label thermal printer is customized to meet our client’s specifications and requirements. We stay in touch with our clients so that we’re updated with the system’s quality and consistency and can provide assistance as needed. 

Therma Print Wide

Main Difference Between ThermaPrint 64 Wide and Standard Models

What sets the Wide model apart from the Standard model is the size of the products they can print on. For the Standard variant, it has a maximum of 6″ width. Meanwhile, the ThermaPrint 64 Wide model has a maximum size of 10.5″ width.

What makes the ThermaPrint 64 Wide model applicable in your operations:

  • Prints on wider substrates
  • Variety of substrates as long as they’re close in thickness and material
  • High-speed printing capabilities
  • Large volume applications
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Small and compact
  • Powered Stackers, Collection Magazine, and Scanners as add-ons

The Wide version provides maximum efficiency and productivity for fast-paced environments where accuracy is paramount while producing quick results. Rest assured, there are no delays in your packaging operations as you deliver exceptional goods to your consumers.


Reliable and Dependable Thermal Transfer Printer Systems from DoraniX

We’re experts in label printing and similar applications, so we’re highly committed to delivering advanced and high-quality systems for our clients. Every business has specific requirements, and we adjust by providing customizations so that we can cater to your various needs.

If you want to know more about our ThermaPrint 64 Series, particularly the Wide model, please contact us today. You may also request a quote for individual customizations, and we can find a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific needs!

Specifications of the Thermaprint 64 Wide

Print Technology Thermal Transfer Near EdgeNear-Edge 305 DPI, High Speed Printhead
Print Resolution 305 DPIHigh Quality Prints
Print Speed 2 – 10 IPS (Programmable) Slew Speed 15 IPSPowered by 4 – 6 motors dependent on configuration
Package Width 2.00 – 6.5 inches. Print Zone -4.2 or 5.0 Powered Stacker provides additional capacity for larger production runs
Ribbon Thermal Transfer Length 600 mNear-Edge Ensures Quality All Around
Ribbon SaverReduces ribbon consumption up to 90%
Programmable Fonts 17 Standard FontsMultifunctional
Bar Codes All Common Codes + 2DUDI Ready
Memory 16 MByteReady for Customized Orders.
Interface Parallel (Centronics), Serial (RS-232), Ethernet, USBEasy to Connect
Physical Dimensions (Configuration Dependent) 26″ W x 14″ H x 14″ D (Typ) Weight* 55 – 86 poundsContact Us for More Details

Therma Print Wide Front View

Therma Print Wide Side View

Therma Print Wide Back View



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Need your product to ship out before year end but don't have any pre-printed pouches or lids? Our Thermaprint 64 printers eliminate lead-times by printing direct to package. Send us your packages and an image for a formal evaluation.