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Tyvek Wristband Printing

Wristbands are used throughout the world, from patients in hospitals to music festivals. Although there are different materials used, Tyvek remains the most common. Tyvek provides a high quality, easily printable surface that can be made via an external printer. Printed Tyvek wristbands can also be produced for cheaper and provide a die-cut adhesive closure that makes them great for specific occasions.

Tyvek wristband printing can save manufacturers a considerable amount of money when compared to the costs of printing on a paper substitute. Our products are 100% made in the USA using DuPont Tyvek which guarantees a comfortable, tamper-proof fit which can be marked with serial numbers or custom labeling to fit your needs.

One of those printers is the Doranix 64 which is specifically designed for Tyvek printing. This means it works perfectly for printed Tyvek wristbands. The ThermaPrint 64 Standard can process wristband sheets up to 6″ in width whereas the Wide can handle sheets up to 10″ wide. Typically, Tyvek material can be printed at 4-8 inches per second. For more information, please refer to our Thermaprint 64 page.

When considering purchasing a Tyvek wristband printer, it’s important to consider the speed at which new labels can be created. In situations where a unique barcode is required or specific information the production time can be much longer.

Benefits of Our Tyvek Wristbands

  • Barcode Ready
  • Hypoallergenic waterproof material
  • Tear resistant, tamper proof and non-transferable
  • Fast and simple to apply, comfortable to wear
  • Designed to fit various wrist sizes
  • Tamper-evident security seal designs

Thermaprint 64 Specifications

The rugged design of the ThermaPrint 64 Series Printing Systems is powered by 4 – 6 motors dependent on configuration. A custom Collection Magazine is adequate for most applications; a Powered Stacker provides additional capacity for larger production runs and for precise stacking of packaging such as small Lids or Cards.

The 64 bit processor and increased memory provide improved print capabilities and compatibility with most types of software. Higher Print and Slew speeds increase throughput which is further enhanced by Top Loading of product to allow continuous operation.

All systems are custom configured in accordance with package type and size. Following are the general specifications for the ThermaPrint 64 Series of Package Printing Systems. Specific specifications are dependent on system configuration.

  • Print Technology Thermal Transfer Near Edge
  • Print Resolution 305 DPI
  • Print Speed 2 – 10 IPS (Programmable)
  • Slew Speed 15 IPS
  • Print Zone (Width) 4.2 or 5.0 inches
  • Package Width 2.00 – 6.5 inches
  • Package Length 4 – 24 inches
  • Ribbon Thermal Transfer Length 600 m
  • Ribbon Saver
  • Programmable Fonts 17 Standard Fonts
  • Down-Loadable TrueType Fonts
  • Bar Codes All Common Codes + 2D
  • Processor 64 Bit
  • Memory 16 MByte
  • Interface Parallel (Centronics), Serial (RS-232), Ethernet, USB
  • Physical Dimensions (Configuration Dependent) 26? W x 14? H x 14? D (Typ) Weight* 55 – 86 pounds

Below is a video of the Thermaprint 64 in action.

Need your product to ship out before year end but don't have any pre-printed pouches or lids? Our Thermaprint 64 printers eliminate lead-times by printing direct to package. Send us your packages and an image for a formal evaluation.