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If you’ve ever wondered when humanity will stop drinking coffee and tea, the answer is probably never. Both would be featured prominently on a short list of the most popular beverages on the planet, never to go out of style. One need look no further that the fact that you can’t punt an opossum without hitting Starbucks or one of a hundred other wanna-be chain coffee shops.

Competition for the consumer dollar is fierce in this industry, but there’s one way that can make your product stand out – beautifully designed and printed labels. If you thought that creating a spiffy label that sets your brand off to its best advantage was out of the question, you’re wrong. Meet the Doranix LPA 5000 printing system.

It’s Tricky to Print Coffee and Tea Labels

It’s not unusual for a typical print run to soar into the thousands of labels. Most off-the-shelf printers from your favorite big box office store are not equipped (or financially feasible) to survive in the face of that kind of work load. Trust us, you’re going to need something faster and sturdier to handle that kind of serious print job.

An additional shortcoming with low-end consumer printers is that, for the most part, they rely on ink-based printing methods that are woefully slow to dry. Sturdy commercial printers like Doranix’s LPA 5000 have fully implemented thermal techniques that dry fast enough to avoid smearing, even at the high speed output of the most demanding task.

Extremely Easy to Use

With the most recent innovations in place, the LPA 5000 is an out-of-the-box solution to your coffee and tea bag labeling needs that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and you don’t need a printology degree to set up and use the thing. The company did away with the idea of separate components and built this printing system as one exceptional piece of equipment that fits on a typical bench or table.

Doranix printing systems come pre-configured from the factory in accordance with the customer-appropriate type and size of package or media that will be used. Simple electrical power (no compressed air lines) is all that us needed to start printing. In other words, plug it in, load it up, and get busy creating a pile of perfect coffee or tea labels.

To Build a Brand, You Need In-House Printing

It’s tempting to continue to send out print jobs to a local print house but eventually, as your business grows, it makes sense to transition into a printing process that you own and control. It’s all about the brand. What does Starbucks have that a hundred other coffee chains don’t? Well, pretty good product is one, but another is a recognizable brand that resonates strongly with the coffee and tea-drinking public.

Building a brand is not a precise task. You’ll want to make small (or maybe even radical) changes as you go, and there is likely to be plenty of trial and error as you iteratively tweak designs towards perfection. Trying to do this with a third-party printer could rapidly drain your checking account. Having your own quality label printer allows the freedom to experiment with prototypes and small runs for market testing. When a fantastic new idea pops into your head to help brand your products for a special event or seasonal sales, it’s an easy matter to crank out the new labels without having to go through the process of dealing with a vendor.

Final Thoughts

In case the point hasn’t been made definitively enough, the number one reason for doing printing in-house is you have ultimate control over the final product. You can print whenever you want, day or not, and will never find yourself at the capricious whims of a third-party vendor who thinks they know better than you how to build your brand.